Nov 28, 2017


I was reading back all my previous post.
I realizes how much I love (and actually went crazy) with Korean and Japan stuff back then.
I don't even remember being that passionate.
Its funny really how times change you.
Now, I can't even remember the last time I watch a korean or japanese drama.
I think I lost the ability to recognize most of the actor and actress. (I used to know them, like a lot of them).
Suddenly, I feel old.

2017, November

28th Nov 2017

I think I'll make this a trend. My trend. Blogging once a year because I was becoming nostalgic and started to trace all the email and password from my past.
I've done this last year on my last post and here I am again.

It all started when I was decided to become a stalker.
I stalk a friend. Her twitter, found a blog link and I clicked it.
Reading all her post like a stalker do. No, I've no problem with her. No,  she is not my enemy. Its just that I want to read her tweet, but its private. So, end up reading her blog.

Its remind me of this little cute blog that i made years ago and I decided to visit it, *wipe dust*.

I read my all post, all cringey. I cringe reading all of it. Oh my god. Its like I want talk about it but I was so afraid of people finding about it so I talk in code. I mean I wrote in this subtle way and when I read it now, I don't even remember it. At least some of it. I thought blog a like a diary. How is this is my diary if I don't even understand it??


Anyway, should I delete all the post? I wonder.
Then I decided to leave it.
Its my late 10's-early 20's self.
Its a memory. *even if I don't really understand some of it*

Its a good read, at least for me. Laughing at my own self.

I always dream of becoming a writer. I don't even know how and I don't even think I am good. That was the reason I created this blog and my tumblr actually. (Apart for trying to be this emo girl in tumblr because you know, everyone does that during that time. It was the IT thing during that time)
So, maybe I will try to write again.


I don't switch on my laptop 24 hours like I used too in University. I used to you know have this idea and papp, wrote in my blog because it always there. Now, this laptop is full of dust. Months since the last time I switch it on.

We'll see then.

Is it going to be a once a year trend or I will start to write again.


Oct 15, 2016

3 years and 5 months

I've long forgotten about this blog. I mean, i remember it existence but i totally forgot the link, the email i used and the password. Then suddenly today, i decided to trace it all back.
And its all worth it.
Reading all the post, in this blog, and other blog (i've a secret private blog too), and my tumblr, bring back a lot of memories.

3 years and 5 months since my last post.

Lot of things happen.

Officially a dentist now.

And remember,that i'm a big fan of mondler couple in friends? The sweetest relationship ever!!

I found my Chandler. :)
Married him almost one month ago.

To the whole world, he might not be perfect. To me he is the perfect guy.
I miss you.